Rose Mist

by Sun Sister


To Use: Spray liberally onto skin anytime throughout the day.

Ingredients: Rose hydrosol, calendula hydrosol, helichrysum hydrosol. 59 ml glass bottle

Made by Nikki of Sun Sister in Boca Raton, FL.

About the Plants:
Rose is cooling, nourishing, and anti-inflammatory, helping to clear excess heat from the skin to aid blemishes and redness, toning and balancing the skin, and soothing skin and soul to promote beauty and radiance. Rose softens and opens the heart chakra, awakening our capacity for self love and compassion.

Calendula is one of the best plant allies for the skin, very soothing, anti-inflammatory, and helpful for skin regeneration plus dry and irritated skin. Calendula assists in lymphatic drainage, helping to cleanse the body and circulate beneficial cells and nutrients, promoting clearer, brighter skin and supporting increased vitality.

Helichrysum, also known as Immortelle, is known for its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, helping to speed up skin renewal and soften the appearance of wounds and scars, supporting healthier skin and more even texture. The name Helichrysum comes from the Greek words helios (sun) and chrysos (gold), mirroring its effect of promoting increased radiance.