Block Printed Bandana

by Nade


Maggie slowly crafted each of her bandanas with carefully selected plant materials such as onion skins, indigo and myrabalan. While she was traveling in India, she collected beautiful antique wood carved blocks for block printing. Now they are being honored & utilized in these naturally dyed bandanas. 

100% organic cotton. Measures about 23.5" x 23.5".

tan + terracotta: naturally dyed with myrabalan & catechu

blush + tan: naturally dyed with sandalwood & onion skins

light + dark blue: naturally dyed with indigo

Each bandana has its own character and subtle differences, paying tribute to crafting the slow way - hands carved the blocks, hands stirred the natural dye bath, hands cut & sewed the cotton, and hands intentionally placed each block. 

Made by Maggie of Nade Studio in Chatham, NY.