Our Story

Conifer is dedicated to supporting small makers and helping them grow.

Everything we carry has been carefully chosen, is slow crafted and made with human hands. We know many of these makers personally and it warms our hearts to see them succeed. However, it’s more than curated beautiful objects, it’s really about the stories that inspire their craft and the people behind them. We cherish that feeling of community and connection knowing that we are supporting an artist just around the corner or a few states over.

Continually inspired by the beautiful mountains of Colorado, we find comfort in surrounding ourselves with natural materials which echo the great outdoors. It inspires us to strive for a more sustainable and mindful lifestyle. Here in the city, it’s a nice reminder to slow down especially during these difficult times when we all need each other's support. We are just beginning this chapter and look forward to the many good things to come! Join us on a journey of discovering new small makers and the stories behind their purposeful goods.

Thank you for your continuous love and support,