Dry Leaves + Cardamom 6oz Candle

by Light Provisions


Fall brings many things: shorter days, chillier evenings, lots of flannel, and an over abundance of manual labor if you’ve got a big tree in your front yard.

This scent is an ode to the forests. It leads with deep, woodsy cedar and floral notes topped with a dash of cardamom and cinnamon for spice.

25 + hr burn time

Poured in Colorado Springs, Colorado by Brett from Light Provisions.

100% American-harvested soy wax and food-grade paraffin wax. Light Provision’s wicks are cotton-cored, primed in vegetable wax and always lead-free. Their fragrances are blends of premium, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and essential oils. 

*after burning, give the tin a new life by using it as a jewelry storage box, or for those vitamins you keep forgetting to take!