Earthly Dwellings Candle

by Crosby Elements


Wild sage, dried wood, Juniper trees and rolling grass hills. Earthly Dwellings embodies the spirit of where the high desert meets the prairie. A scent that make us want to hit the road and never come back.

Key Notes: sandalwood, white sage, leather, juniper berry and cypress

9oz. Lead-free Cotton Wick. 100% American-grown Soy Wax (paraffin-free). 

Hand Blown Glass Made in the USA.

50+ Hour Burn

Crafted in Small Batches in Portland, OR by Crosby Elements.


CROSBY candles are designed with the utmost care–from sourcing
high quality raw materials and sustainable packaging, to the unique and distinct blends each candle represents. Our recyclable packaging is proudly created by a local printer that runs entirely on wind energy.

Using a blend of essential oils and fine fragrance, this candle has an incredible scent throw without being overpowering.