Rose and Chamomile White Tea

by Marble & Milkweed


An elegant blend that will lift your spirits and leave you feeling refreshed and centered.

Chamomile is a calming, soothing herb, while rose balances and tones. White tea is the least processed of all teas, making it extraordinarily high in anti-oxidants. It's also the lowest in caffeine when properly brewed, making this delicate, floral blend perfect in the morning, or as a subtle pick-me-up in the afternoon. It is delicious both hot and iced. The delicate floral aroma is wonderful on its own, or sweetened with a touch of raw honey.

2oz loose tea in compostable paper packet, about 16 servings.

Ingredients: organic white tea, organic rose petals, organic chamomile blossoms, organic essence of Bulgarian rose otto.

Carefully made by hand by Briar from Marble and Milkweed in NYC.