Sage Magazine

by Sage

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Issue 05:

This is not your typical magazine! It's actually an ad-free, beautifully bound, hardcover book full of inspiring and important stories from young people making a difference in social and climate activism, creatives spaces and the outdoors!

Sage is an independent, grassroots, woman-owned print publication that exists to foster a community of change makers. Engaging in conversation about and cultivating content on our relationships with the land and soil and the experiences that foster this connection, environmental storytelling and communication, ancestral indigenous wisdom & regenerative thinking, the deep value in artisanal craft and making and creating with our hands, and the importance in uplifting, supporting, and fostering a local micro-community.

Rooted in the notion that living and creating mindfully and intentionally encourages compassion, kindness, respect, and a sense of empowerment leading to local community involvement and responsible stewards of the planet.

208-page, ad-free, hardcover book.

Printed on uncoated paper with soy ink in the USA.